Green School Bronze Certification


Congratulations Otters!  View Ridge has earned Washington Green Schools Bronze Certification for our Waste and Recycling Efforts.  This certification recognizes our community-wide effort and commitment to conservation efforts.

Here are some things we’ve been doing…..

We began composting in the lunchroom about 8 years ago. 3rd and 4th graders, with the support of parent volunteers, help students properly sort waste during lunch.

In 2010, we purchased party kits for every classroom to eliminate the waste associated with classroom celebrations.  We estimate that we’ve removed at least 12,000 disposables from the waste stream.
For all school events, we are now using 100% compostable wares to to minimize landfill-bound waste and make sorting a breeze.

Dry erase boards and students’ colorful creations result in a significant number of dried up markers.  Student and parent initiative led us to start collecting spent markers for recycling with Crayola in 2013.  Thus far, we have recycled more than 5,000 markers…

Active, growing kids also go through a lot of sneakers.  In Fall 2014, we launched a shoe recycling program to collect tired, outgrown shoes.  Worn out shoes are recycled through the Nike Reuse a Shoe program and those that are still in good shape are donated to those in need in the community.  To date we have given more than 250 pairs of shoes new life.

On Earth Day 2015 we launched classroom paper towel and food composting. Thank you to teachers and students for supporting this effort!

In January 2016, the Green Club was established. It is comprised of about 30 fourth grade students led by third grade teacher, Kirsten Jewett.  The students have undertaken projects including:  performing skits about waste sorting at lunch, supporting a newly established backpack food program for students in need in our community, and collecting coins to sponsor an Otter at the Woodland Park Zoo.

In Fall 2016, the Fifth Grade Leadership Environmental Committee was established and led by Lisa Kadobyashi.

In Winter 2017, we launched paper towel composting in all the bathrooms thanks to Green Club. Students empty bathroom paper towels into the compost bins to divert them from the trash.

Thank you Otters for making our school a leader in waste diversion and recycling efforts — keep up the great work!!