Principal’s Update


What a week last week!! It’s that time of year when I get to see the sunrise on my bike ride in and sunset on my way home. We’ve had some real doozies these past few weeks. I get a lot of enjoyment, exercise and stress-release (not that I need that) from riding my bike. While I live in Everett, I cheat a bit by driving the majority of the way and cutting off just as the traffic gets bad. I then park right on the Burke-Gilman Trail in Lake Forest Park to begin my beautiful ride in. The trail from Lake Forest Park to VRE is such a beautiful stretch of trail. Then I climb up to VRE and can see both mountain ranges and the lake. Such a stunning view and hence why we call this beautiful place View Ridge. I love that ride!! Sometimes I just can’t stop and continue to ride around the block making sure students are safe and checking in with our safety patrol. Ride on!

We also had our Walk-n-Roll walkathon last week. Not only was it a great opportunity to raise some money for our school but it was such a great bonding event. Lots of families came out to support and cheer us on. The students had a very upbeat attitude that day, creating a very nice energy in the building that might’ve been contagious. The most laps ran for the day goes to Kaj (5th grade) who ran 30 laps! Way to go Kaj. That kid is a runner! A huge thanks to Brendan Gamb for MCing and Stacy Winegardner and Angie Kennedy for planning this event. It was flawless, except when Angie dropped her clipboard ;-)

A big thanks and congratulations to Macie (5th grade) for designing our Walk-n-Roll t-shirts. She was a bit of a celebrity on Thursday. Even her brother, Calvin, was bragging a bit that his sister designed the t-shirts. Then his friends started to brag that they knew Calvin or live on the same block as Calvin. There was a six degrees of separation from Macie to her brother to her neighbors to kids who knew her brother, etc. You’re a star Macie and I love my new t-shirt.

We then wrapped the week up with a day of staff professional development delivered primarily by our Safety Committee and Special Ed Department. We began the first steps of a full-on Critical Incident Management (CIMS) training focusing on how to respond to a critical incident such as an earthquake. We also addressed what to do in an active shooter situation (so sad that we have to plan for this but critical). We will be summarizing this information during the November PTA meeting as well. Details to follow soon.

Our Special Ed Team gave a presentation on the ins and outs of SPED law, procedures, IEP’s, etc. Considering that Special Ed is a service, not a placement, we discussed how we can build upon the great work we’re already doing to make all students feel welcome in their Gen. Ed. classroom. All students are general education students first. Then students with IEPs receive services from Special Ed, which may require pull out or push in services. We are doing a great job and are working on pushing ourselves even further.

We also had the opportunity to have a nice staff lunch together in the lunchroom. We have such an awesome staff and it was nice to see everyone bonding, connecting and collaborating over some pizza and salad. While lunch was provided by Ms. McLane and myself, we’d like to thank the PTA for lots of added snacks and drinks. It was greatly appreciated and we have a lot of leftovers for this week. Food goes a long way in making us all happy.

We are also working on our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). We focus on one area per week and this week is hallways. Please talk to your students about walking quietly in the halls. Key words are “walking” and “quietly.” In addition, we ask that adults in the building respect the noise levels in the hallways during class times.

As the year goes on, we get an increase of complaints from neighbors about people parking in their driveways. They even sent photos recently and informed me that they will be calling parking enforcement. Please do not park in their driveways, not even for a short period of time. This is probably a good of time as any to give my three regular reminders:

• Please do not block neighbor’s driveways, even for a short period.
• Please do not jaywalk. Use the crosswalks at all times.
• No parking in the bus zones. Even after the buses leave, other buses may soon arrive for field trips.

While we’re on the subject of safety, we have been working on tightening safety in the church parking lot. One concern was the amount of students crossing in front of cars, so we have implemented a crossing area with a crossing guard. If you need to cross in front of cars, please use the crossing area near the gate. I’m usually out there monitoring and crossing people to assure our students are safe.

I look forward to the rest of October with Boo Ridge coming up and daylight saving time knocking on our door. As it begins to get darker earlier, please make sure students are visible while walking to school. Reflectors or lights might be in store this year. I will also be out there on my bike doing my best to assure our students are safe and secure.

See you at Boo Ridge!

Mr. Roos