Annual Appeal Message from Our Librarian!


Dear View Ridge Families,

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work as a full time librarian here at View Ridge for the last 11 years, and I’m proud to join the ranks as a parent of a kindergartener in Mrs. Koch’s room.  This school provides ample opportunities for all students to develop the well-rounded education that public funding doesn’t provide for our children.  Through the generous donations from all of our families, our children have weekly access to art, music and library – something many Seattle Public School children don’t have. This is a school I am proud to both teach at and have my son attend.

As one of the teachers whose position is partially funded by the Annual Appeal, I’d like to share some of what you’ve allowed me to do with your children that wouldn’t have been possible in a part-time role:

·         Meeting weekly with all classes for both lessons & check out

·         Hosting award winning authors and illustrators like Kazu Kibuishi, Lemony Snicket, and Shannon Hale.

·         Keeping the library open during recess, allowing for additional access to the collection & more time to assist children with book selection

·         Teaching 21st century research skills to intermediate grades

·         Successfully participating in the Global Reading Challenge with 4th & 5th grade students

And much more!

Part-time librarians are so limited in what they can do for their students.  They can’t participate in the exciting programs and curriculum that your continuing support allows me to do here at View Ridge.  Your Annual Appeal donations allow our school to continue challenging and enriching the lives of each student, each day.

Thank you for your contributions and your commitment to our school.


Amy Young

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