Accessing SPS Online Student Resources from Home


Seattle Public Schools provides access to lots of great online tools (Typing Agent, Tumblebooks, Schoology, Office 365) through the district website for families to use at home or on the road.  Access to these tools has changed a bit with the district webpage’s upgrade at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.

Here’s how to connect:

  • Using your Internet browser, go to
  • Click on “Student Portal” (the large blue box near the top with the pencil icon).
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Student Portal Page and look for the section titled “Online Student Academic Resources“. Click on the section title, which is the web link.

You may be prompted to enter an account login and password for Clever (the district’s new single sign-on system).

If your student uses an individual district account (grades 3-5):

Use the student’s individual account ( and unique password to log into Clever and access the online tools.

If your student is in grades K-2 and/or does not yet use an individual district account:

After you click on Student Portal and find the Online Student Academic Resources section, click instead on the link at the end of the paragraph labeled See all the online student resources available to students at Seattle Public Schools. Once on this page there are links to a variety of tools.

Typing Agent is near the bottom. Students will need to use their own login information to access Typing Agent from this link if they haven’t logged in through Clever. Typing Agent student login is “vur_studentname” and password is “Qwerty”. Note the capital Q in the password. This is the same login that is used at school. Please note that your student probably knows how their name is formatted for this. Most likely it is first and middle initial followed by last name. (Ex: vur_absurname)

You can also access Typing Agent directly. Go to to access the program on a non-district computer (note that the address is unique to Seattle Public Schools) and then log in with student credentials.

If you need information regarding your student’s personal login information, please contact your student’s classroom teacher, or you can e-mail Ms. Connors at Thank you!