How to submit an article in 6 easy steps.


Articles submitted to the website will be included in the next Otter Know and/or Otter Update.

The Otter Know is published once a week on Tuesday, with an Otter Update on Friday if necessary.

Articles for the Otter Know must be submitted by Friday at 10 am prior to the next publication.

1. Go to


2. Register by filling in the sections (skip this step if you have a login and password already)

Registration may take a week or more to complete during the school year.


3. Login with your username and password

If you have a login but have forgotten your password, press “lost your password”


4. To add an article, hover over “+ New”, then select “Post”


5. Enter your article information.

  1. Enter your subject or title line
  2. Enter the body of your post
  3. Add media here
  4. Select community category for all articles not sponsored or coordinated by the PTA or the School
  5. Press “publish” button.


6. The article will be submitted pending approval from an editor, once it is approved it will go on the website and if submitted by the deadline will be included in the next Otter Know or Otter Update.

example post