Congrats to October Box Tops Classroom Winner



Congratulations to Room 14 (Ms. Crossman’s class) for collecting the most Box Tops per student in October.  Room 14 collected over 300 Box Tops for View Ridge, followed closely by Ms. Seasholes’s and Ms. Adsit’s classes.  Students in Room 14 will all receive a prize, and be the front-runners for the June popcorn party.

A reminder that Box Tops are an easy way to raise cash for View Ridge – each one is worth 10¢ and helps the PTA fund things like classroom books, supplies & teacher grants.  Every month the classroom that collects the most box tops per child receives a class prize and the lassroom that collects the most Box Tops during the year will win a class popcorn party in June.  Find a list of products with Box Tops at